scotts bluff county democrats


The mission of the Scotts Bluff County Democratic Party to achieve electoral victories for Democratic candidates for public office at all levels, to express clearly and effectively the principles for which the Democratic Party stands, and to influence public policy and opinion in ways which result in those ideals being attained.

We are responsible for building the Party organization at the district, regional, and county levels; registering Democratic voters; and encouraging Election Day turn out among Democratic voters.

The essence of our core mission it to encourage the fullest possible participation of all Democratic voters and to disseminate the Democratic message, platform and philosophy.

We develop official Party policies and positions and communicate them to the public and to all officeholders. We provide a grassroots forum for the study and discussion of public policy issues and their impact at the local level.


Chair - Ryan Griffin

Vice Chair - Marci Docekal

Secretary - Kay Thomas

Treasurer - Robert Hawley

state central committee delegates

NDP Vice Chair of County Parties - Ryan Griffin

LD 48 Female Delegate - Marci Docekal

LD 48 Male Delegate - Robert Hawley

LD 48 Female Alternate Delegate - Kay Thomas

LD 48 Male Alternate Delegate - vacant