scotts bluff county democrats


Scotts Bluff County Democrats celebrate traditional family farmers and ranchers, the agricultural land, and its topsoil in Nebraska that grows crops to feed the world. We are committed to preserving our rural communities and their way of life. We support the creation of a comprehensive national food, fuel, and fiber policy, which protects the long-term productivity of national resources and the quality and abundance of our food supply. We support our Ag partners as they grow local, high-quality, nutritious foods.

Scotts Bluff County Democrats want to improve financial outcomes for farmers by eliminating monopoly control of agricultural markets in production, processing, and trade. Scotts Bluff County Democrats believe in returning to fair market pricing, providing adequate crop insurance, and ensuring a strong export strategy which reaches out to other countries for world trade of Nebraska’s agricultural products. Which means strengthening trade with Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, and other potential allies.

We strongly support programs to help farmers as they recover from a difficult growing season or natural disaster. We understand the plight of the agricultural community as land prices have increased and return on investment has decreased. We support property tax reform. Scotts Bluff County Democrats strongly support the Fed Cattle Set Aside initiative. Scotts Bluff County Democrats created and adopted the “Rural Nebraska Bill of Rights” and we fully endorse all the rights delineated therein. Scotts Bluff County Democrats are in favor of agricultural programs that are mindful of environmental impacts, conservation, and resource management. Scotts Bluff County Democrats support regenerative agriculture. We want labeling of genetically modified food products, and country of origin labeling. We want to increase organic farming in our state as well as the farming and the transportation of hemp for food, fuel, and fiber.