Get Involved

Voters are hungry for change, and the Scotts Bluff County Democrats are ready to deliver!

Every day new Democrats are getting involved, Independent voters are signing up to volunteer for Democratic campaigns, and disgruntled Republicans are coming in our doors to change parties. Your involvement will help continue to turn Scotts Bluff County and Nebraska blue! By helping elect Democrats at lower levels of government, you will be helping to expand the number of Democratic elected officials in this state. The Senators, Congress members, and Governors of tomorrow are the state legislators, city councilors, and school board members of today.

Need another reason to get involved? Meet other people who think like you do! It can often be isolating being a Democrat in Scotts Bluff. Getting involved with your local party will allow you to meet and mingle with people who share the same values and ideologies that you do.

county leadership

Chair - Marci Docekal

Vice Chair - Ryan Griffin

Secretary - Janet Craven

Treasurer - Stan Kontogiannis