scotts bluff county democrats

Rural Economic Development

Scotts Bluff County Democrats believe in a strong, prosperous future for our rural communities. Rural issues are our party's issues. Scotts Bluff County Democrats embrace several key areas of rural economic development: economic revival, housing, community schools, local health care access, and defending small business.

Scotts Bluff County Democrats engage rural votes by focusing on economic revival via private-public partnerships, expanding small businesses with low and no interest loans, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, expanding access to affordable broadband services, and renewing retail shopping districts. Scotts Bluff County Democrats support expanding affordable housing, particularly for seniors and young people. Community schools are the bedrock of local community life and must be preserved. We strongly support access to local hospitals, community clinics, senior care, and mental health facilities. Your zip code should not condemn you to substandard care. Scotts Bluff County Democrats also believe in promoting small businesses. Too often, big corporations and big box stores put small enterprises out of business on Main Street. We advocate for economic incentives to help local enterprises first survive, then thrive.