scotts bluff county democrats


Scotts Bluff County Democrats believe that access to affordable, quality health care is a right for all. We support expanding the current healthcare system to Medicare for All. We support a broad base of coverage including but not limited to: primary care, preventative care, inpatient, outpatient, emergency care, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, long term care, mental health, substance abuse services, non-cosmetic dentistry, pre-existing conditions, chiropractic services, basic vision care and correction, outpatient therapies and ambulance services. Under Medicare for All, we believe eligible providers would be any licensed or accredited provider in compliance with the law. We believe that patients should choose their own healthcare provider. No one should be denied life-preserving medical care, medications, or medical supplies due to cost or pre-existing conditions.

We urge further research into affordable, accessible contraceptive methods for all persons. We continue to oppose any state and federal laws that would impede a woman's or other person’s constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion, regardless of gender identity. We oppose centers that provide biased and inaccurate information regarding reproductive health care options, and shame or stigmatize individuals for their sexual practices. We oppose the removal of funding to federally qualified health centers and any entity that receives Title X funding. We denounce all acts of violence towards providers of family planning and health care services. Scotts Bluff County Democrats continue to advocate for and support all reproductive choices for women or other persons regardless of gender identity.

We support the expansion of Medicaid coverage in Nebraska and full funding for the CHIP program. Scotts Bluff County Democrats support Nebraskans’ access to medical cannabis with a doctor’s prescription. We support stem cell research and therapy as a critical component of health care. Also, we support both public and private funding for stem cell research.

Scotts Bluff County Democrats recognize drug addiction as a public health crisis issue. We support rehabilitation for persons struggling with drug addiction. In addition, we call for an increase of funding for drug addiction treatment.